february 9
14h30 Paulo Simões Rodrigues
  CHAIA, Universidade de Évora
14h35 Ana Thudichum Vasconcelos (t.b.c.)
  CIEBA, Universidade de Lisboa
14h40 Emília Duarte
  UNIDCOM, Universidade Europeia
14h45 Emília Ferreira
keynote session
14h50 Eudaemonic Practices
  Alastair Fuad-Luke (Chair)
15h00 SAMP: do Barão, do João e da Prisão
  From community artistic practices in a Portuguese community band
  Paulo Lameiro
15h20 Architecture with the 99%
  Paula Miranda & Tiago Mota Saraiva
  Working with the 99% + ateliermob
15h40 Coffee break 
16h10 Shapes of change
  Vera Fritsche & Jessy Medernach
  S27 - Art and Education
16h30 Art and not knowing 
  Kate Adams & Katie Taylor
  Project Art Works
16h50 Round table with Q&A
february 10
session 1 — narratives
Chair — Filipa Ramalhete
10h30 Polisfonia
  Re-shaping political education through sound 
  Matteo Pra Mio 
10h50 Mundet
  Archaeology of memory  
  Ticiano Nemer
11h10 Technoceramics
  Mining the urban landscape 
  Noemi Iglesias Barrios
11h30 Art and community in action in the mining village of Lousal  
  Inês Brás de Oliveira & Sérgio Vicente
11h50 Community Artistic Practices and Civic/Political Participation
  Experiences in Portugal and Brazil 
  Hugo Cruz
12h10 Co-creation methodology and design for inland territories
  A systematic literature review 
  Carla Rodrigues, João Neves & Marco Neves
12h30 Q&A
12h50 Lunchtime (in the Faculty canteen, not funded by XMA23)
session 2 — identities
Chair — Ana Moya Pellitero
14h00 Quando eu grito quem me ouve
  Aspects on cyberfeminism and cyberscreams
  Izabel Barboni Rosa & Sofia Ponte
14h20 En.talho
  Performance to Carve a Meal
  Eduardo Luiz de Freitas
14h40 Spaces of collaboration 
  Feminist practices of knowledge-making
  Renata Gaspar
15h00 Intersections between craft and sewing practices
  A case study on community housing in portugal
  Cláudia Lima, Susana Bareto, Eliana Penedos-Santiago & Nuno Martins 
15h20 Encompassing the 'Fazer Presente' ('Giving Presence') project  
  Participatory Intergenerational Theatre Case Study
  Tiago Porteiro
15h40 Hail, black mother
  Collective works' as a way of sociocultural mobilisation
  Ramon Santana de Aguiar & Fátima Gonçalves da Silva
16h00 Q&A
16h20 Coffee break
session 3 — geographies
Chair — Sofia Ponte
16h50 The somatic urban landscape
  Co-mapping bodies and urban places through relational contextual arts
  Ana Moya Pellitero
17h10 'Horta e histórias' and 'Cozinha e histórias'
  Actions to plant and feed the desire to read, to imagine, and to be together
  Heloise Baurich Vidor
17h30 From a blade of rice straw
  Art education and circular economy to think about territory
  María Vidagañ & Raúl de Arriba
17h50 The hunting 
  A collaborative art project at the maritime museum of Sesimbra 
  Ângela Menezes, Pedro Barros & Filipa Alves
18h10 Creativity as medium for the construction of public space 
  Cláudia Antunes 
18h30 Re(com)figurations
  If borders were defined by memories
  Helena Elias
18h50 Q&A